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I’m Sorry To Say This But….

Its nearly time to start thinking about Christmas! I actually hate having to deal with Christmas until at least December 1st… but this year I’ll be super busy taking my shop to various craft markets around Cardiff and I need to be prepared! I’ve never considered making Christmas themed goods before, it’s so difficult think of anything original! But I thought I’d give it a go this year with a couple of simple projects that will hopefully xmas – up my stall a bit.

These decorations are a festive take on my bright cross stitch designs from earlier in the year, I really like scandinavian design so I reseached nordic xmas patterns and came up with these tiny framed pieces, which can be hung anywhere around the house or even on the tree!


Nordic cross stitch decorations – £6 each.

I have also tried my hand at card design this year! I always really struggle to find Christmas cards with designs I actually like so I thought about what I would like to see when coming up with these. I wanted them to be really colourful and quite simple.







I have made the cards in 2 sizes – packs of 3 A6, and packs of 5 A7 (i think theyre A7 – theyre tiny anyway!) and all packs will cost £4 each.


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Plimsoles and Pattern


As much as I completely LOVE stitching maps sometimes I really just want to make something for the sake of using super bright threads!




I also thought it could be fun to stitch into my new plimsoles:


Which kind of lead to more stitched shoes which are now for sale on Etsy










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Better Weather




A bee box! (No bees yet..)


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Professional Practice is finally over! for this module we had to create some kind of self promotional piece for our work. Mine is a catalogue/advert/leaflet thing, i guess its a kind of glorified business card. I made it out of cross stitch fabric (which i recently discovered is called ‘aida’ for future reference…) in the same style as my banner for this blog and for my etsy/folksy shops. (also will make my website like this when i eventually get around to building it!)

Just to say none of these styles are actually for sale, since im making a new product line right now for my FMP and havent quite finished yet, i just designed some examples for this booklet, hopefully i’ll be replacing these images with actual products before long!

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STILL we dont have internet at our flat, so i am having to drag my laptop into uni each day to work/go on etsy/buy stuff…

Some new things up in the shop!  A few new notebooks made from recycled paper and road maps:


And new tote bag with cross stitch map of the southbank:

These photos were taken by my matey/graphic design type Lydia, who let us sneak into her unis photography studio for the day, it was fun times!

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new bag in progress

Not sure what colour bag yet…

Am all finished with work experience now. I learned a lot and got to make books and use spray paint and go to Brighton almost everyday, it was awesome fun!

 But now I have time to do ridiculous cross stitch bits that take days to finish.

And next week I am going to Hong Kong! So my next blog post will probably be full of holiday snaps for you to enjoy!

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some pages

Finally some work! After reading some fairy stories I’ve just been trying out things, keeping it all a bit small and simple at the moment, quite fancy making some much bigger fabric collages, once ive done some more development. 

^^^This one is’nt from a story, its the tower from Roath Park in Cardiff, it has my great (great?) uncles name on it (i mean the actual one, couldn’t fit it on the stitching….) He was in the expedition with Scott to the South Pole!

^^some ideas from a story called ‘the drowning of the bottom hundred’ which is about basically a massive flood, so i was looking at ways of creating stormy seas with stitch, needs more work…

Am going through another cross stitch phase though im sure it won’t last, this one with trees is the beginnings of an idea for Einion and the Lady of the Greenwood, which is about creepy/dark/haunted woods and demons/goblins/fairies, its exellent.

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