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New blog


I’ve moved at last to my official web page which i bought about 4 years ago and just left uselessly sitting there. I figured it was time to move to a more professional looking platform and actually start using my proper page!

Ive transferred all my previous blog posts over and I’m still using wordpress so you should be able to keep following!



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Better Weather




A bee box! (No bees yet..)


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This is a bit overdue, but my typewriter cushion was featured in the November issue of Buzz, a lovely local listings type Magazine which you can pick up for free in all kinds of shops, cafes and libraries(such as Howards Gardens) around Cardiff!

DSCF5310 DSCF5309

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St Ives

DSCF3746 DSCF3782 DSCF3834 DSCF3846 DSCF3865 DSCF3878 DSCF3883 DSCF3917 DSCF3922 DSCF3927DSCF3929

Had a bloody lovely week in Cornwall with Duncan, although there were gale force winds most of the time we were there it was mostly sunny, with lots of excellent food and drink such as the epic meals at Blas Burgerworks (best burgers i have ever had, we went twice!) and cider in the Sloop Inn. Also there was some great art in the Tate gallery, but i’ll post more about that another time.

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Pics from my day trip to Tenby this week:

DSCF2377 DSCF2388 DSCF2418 DSCF2426 DSCF2427 DSCF2353 DSCF2363 DSCF2374 DSCF2375

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Oceans Of Fantasy

Went to see Pete Fowler‘s exhibition in the Millenuim Centre last weekend.


Pete Fowler is one of my all time favourite illustrators. I first saw his work back in high school whilst researching for various little coursework projects. Basically this informed my decision to go into illustration after finishing school, so its a pretty big deal to see a big beautiful exhibition of his work 8 years later! It was completely awesome.

DSCF0722 DSCF0730 DSCF0737DSCF0782 DSCF0742 DSCF0745 DSCF0761  DSCF0772 DSCF0770 DSCF0771 DSCF0774 DSCF0776 DSCF0778 DSCF0777DSCF0780

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Week 1

Having now left my full time job its time to get on with doing what I’m supposed to be doing, working on getting my business up and running. Which means posting here weekly from now on!

It was my birthday last week, and several things happened. My lovely boyfriend made me an A3 light box out of perspex and an old ikea bookcase, what an absolute legend!

This will prove very handy when I’m stitching from a drawing.

Jen made me a couple of brooches, one dedicated to a Shonen Knife song (J – Punk band we saw in Bogiez the other night) and the other a painting of MY cat in a jumper.

In case you were in any doubt, this looks exactly like my cat, and heres the proof (unfortunately i could get her to model a woolly jumper, or indeed even sit still for 5 seconds while i took a photo!)

We also went to London for the day, which was much needed, i hadnt been there for almost a year!

This week has been spent mostly recovering from a horrible cold, and attempting to convert a room in my parents house into a bit of a studio. This is proving more difficult than i’d expected, as I cant even seem to find a desk thats the right size to fit in there! But i did manage to fit all my supplies and stationary in there, it’s a start i guess…..

Need tape? I have tape.

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