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Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great December, mine was super busy with lots of markets, it was hectic but so nice to get out and meet people and display my work after being holed up in the studio for so long!

Now that Xmas is over I can show off these custom pieces. I had some really nice presents to make for people this year – let’s hope all the recipients were happy!

Firstly this Welsh Christmas decoration – I had sold out of them already!

This map of London shows St Pauls and the Millenium footbridge across the Thames –


And I really enjoyed making this lovely pair of West London map cushions for another customer!

Just a quick PS – It’s January which means I have to have a sale in my shop (it’s the law!!) so if you had your eye on anything now is the time to buy! Use the code JANSTITCHSALE for 20% off 🙂


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Wall Maps

So a couple of these pieces have been getting a lot of attention on Etsy this week – I think thanks to the awesome new homepage feature which allows everyone a personalised homepage showing featured items that are relevant to them! Then I realised I hadnt actually made a blog post about these maps which I finished a few months ago.


South Bank Wall Hanging

I wanted to make something really amazing, without worrying about time constraints which is always a massive issue when selling hand stitched products. I want to make work that is affordable to everyone, but at the same time I have a massive compulsion to hand stitch everything! So I usually compromise by combining hand with machine stitching, painting, applique, or trying to make the pieces as simple as possible (that last one…. never happens!) But for once I just wanted to stitch some maps for the love of it, and so I made these wall hangings. They are a much higher-end product than I would normally spend time on but I just love how they turned out!


South Bank Wall Hanging


South Bank Wall Hanging


Euston Wall Hanging


Euston Wall Hanging


Euston Wall Hanging


Marble Arch Wall Hanging


Marble Arch Wall Hanging


Marble Arch Wall Hanging


Piccadilly Wall Hanging


Piccadilly Wall Hanging


Piccadilly Wall Hanging

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Big and Small

Hello, I’m still here! Have had a very productive couple of months making lots of new work as well as working plenty of overtime at the library. That whole abstract pattern design phase I was going through the last time I posted seems to have subsided, and I appear to be rekindling my love of maps…

unfinished euston map This is one of 4 new (or old but revamped) designs I’ve been working on, having had a good look at my shop and the range of products I currently offer I thought it could be nice to add a bit more variety, so I’m making bigger items that have more impact!

threads new button earrings

I’m contrasting that with some very small and quick to make products that I’ve never tried before, button earrings! I’m pretty pleased with how theyre coming out so far, and it makes excellent use of all those spare little bits of fabric that are too small to use for anything else 🙂

Last week I invested in a beautiful red daylight LED lamp for my desk, do any other stitchers have one of these? If not, GET ONE, it is the best £20 I have spent in a long time!  Allegedly the LED bulbs are meant to last 20 years as well, which is pretty amazing if its true….

daylight lamp in red

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Vintage Victorian

Having the embroidery section of my shop sell out completely the other week was a bit of a motivator to get this lot finally photographed and listed:

DSCF2194DSCF2212  DSCF2201 DSCF2208 DSCF2210

DSCF5701DSCF5699  DSCF5703 DSCF5704 DSCF5709

DSCF2228 DSCF2229 DSCF2238 DSCF2239

DSCF2292 DSCF2296 DSCF2301


These maps are based on a reconstructed Victorian London map, and so show a lot of familiar streets with slightly less familiar landmarks. The original map is beautifully painted, so to try and emulate this I used watered down fabric paint to slightly tint the calico and give the maps an aged, faded look. Hopefully it works well!

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Some better shots of my recently finished cushions, all of which can be found over in the shop!

blue shades coastline cliffs DSCF1024 DSCF1156 DSCF1176 DSCF1187 DSCF1248 DSCF1322 DSCF1351 DSCF1388 DSCF1426 DSCF1834 DSCF1899 window jumping fish

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Some photos of various studio work from the last few weeks, epic amount of new cushions coming too!

Custom South London Map From Urgent 2nd Class by Nick BantockStudio Wall ironing finished embroidery folk bird and chair Pile of London Maps kensington vintage Cushion pieces coming together Finished Swan Design Stitching Fish

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Happy 13.

Earlier in December, Jen and I went to London, it was a pretty flying visit, but we did manage to visit a few awesome favourites of mine, including the Natural History Museum…DSCF5060 DSCF5057 And the V & A (pretty much just went around fashion and to the cafe….) DSCF5065 DSCF5066 DSCF5064

We saw The Rasmus in Camden which was… interesting…… also went to the best/oddest pub in London, I cant even remember what it was called but it was somewhere between Camden Town and Belsize Park and was covered in Christmas lights, and the landlord did a truly terrible impression of Morrisey….

We ALSO went to Hackney and bought some fantastic vintage jumpers. And all in less than 48 hours!

My fabulous Xmas haul this year included:

DSCF0001 DSCF0054 DSCF0126 Ok the camera may be the best present ever, unfortunately it doesnt make me any better at photography!

The rest of my time is spent frantically making 18 new cushion covers, ive actually given myself a deadline now so there is no excuse for time wasting! Im currently working on the embroidery for 2 maps of South Kensington which i sketched out ages ago (i guess unintentionally retracing my steps) :


And having shut the shops over Christmas, Ive now reopened, and on Etsy have a special January discount, valid for one month only! Use the code SUPERSHIPPING13 at the checkout to get free shipping on any of these super products and many more:

DSCF5539 DSCF5745 DSCF6159 DSCF5231 DSCF5493

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