some pages

Finally some work! After reading some fairy stories I’ve just been trying out things, keeping it all a bit small and simple at the moment, quite fancy making some much bigger fabric collages, once ive done some more development. 

^^^This one is’nt from a story, its the tower from Roath Park in Cardiff, it has my great (great?) uncles name on it (i mean the actual one, couldn’t fit it on the stitching….) He was in the expedition with Scott to the South Pole!

^^some ideas from a story called ‘the drowning of the bottom hundred’ which is about basically a massive flood, so i was looking at ways of creating stormy seas with stitch, needs more work…

Am going through another cross stitch phase though im sure it won’t last, this one with trees is the beginnings of an idea for Einion and the Lady of the Greenwood, which is about creepy/dark/haunted woods and demons/goblins/fairies, its exellent.


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