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Library Finds #1

I’m sorry I havent posted in a while! I have been working away but I don’t seem to be able to finish any projects, as soon as I get close to finishing I get distracted and move onto something else…. So whilst I try and get over this strange and unproductive habit I’ll show you some of the awesome books I’ve picked up recently from the library where I work:

DSCF8820 DSCF8821 DSCF8822 DSCF8825DSCF8823 DSCF8826 DSCF8837DSCF8846DSCF8827 DSCF8828 DSCF8833


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Cardiff Art School Degree Show 2014

Some of the highlights from this years degree show at Cardiff School of Art & Design, the last show at Howard Gardens!

Please let me know if you see your work here and I’ll add your name (I didn’t photograph everyones statement!)

Brodie davies

Brodie Davies (Illustration)



Brodie Davies (Illustration)

Charlene walsh

Charlene Walsh (Fine Art)

Florence Jackson

Florence Jackson (Illustration)

Lisa Collingbourne

Lisa Collingbourne (Ceramics)

rosie bowery

Rosie Bowery (Illustration)


Jenna Clarke (Illustration)



Sophie Southgate (Ceramics)


Rosie Parry (Fine Art)


Michelle Ledgerwood (Illustration)

michelle ledgerwood

Michelle Ledgerwood (Illustration)


beth marriott Beth Marriott (Fine Art)


Beth Marriott (Fine Art)


Beth Marriott (Fine Art)


Beth Marriott (Fine Art)


Beth Marriott (Fine Art)


Beth Marriott (Fine Art)

WP_20140608_001 WP_20140608_003 WP_20140608_004 WP_20140608_005 WP_20140608_006 WP_20140608_007 WP_20140608_008 WP_20140608_009 WP_20140608_010   WP_20140608_046  WP_20140608_036

Alice Isaac (Textiles)

Alice Isaac (Textiles)


Megan Lear (Textiles)

Megan Lear (Textiles)

WP_20140608_039 WP_20140608_040

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Some new work finally! 12 new cushion covers. Admittedly thay arent all brand new designs, theres a few old favourites that I’ve attempted to improve. They will all be added to the shop over the next few days!

For this selection I also changed the size of the covers from 50 x 50 cm to 40 x 40. I was hoping this would cut down the making time considerably, but to be honest it really didnt! So I guess I’ll be going back to 50 x 50 in the future….

Aberystwyth town map

red chair typewriter wales roath lake lighthouse panelcushion textile fabric

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fabric fixing (for dummies)

remember that cut out fabric type i did a while back? it was time to find a way to stick them to my piece without using stitch. I bought some hemming tape in the hope that it would work…..

After carefully cutting the card templates off the back of the type, i placed bits of tape between the two pieces of fabric…

Scrap material that has been dampened under a cold tap goes on top, and is then ironed until it dries….

After a 10 minute wait i peeled the top layer away and luckily it worked! The type is fixed to the background fabric and is all in one piece.

Does anyone know if you can get sheets off this stuff? Would make my life a lot easier…….

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^ ^ Got these vintage from InTheOldSchoolHouse. Seriously pretty. So pretty I dont even want to use them, just stare at them.

Also tried out some dye to make my patches a bit more varied, hasnt worked properly yet…. Better just keep at it…

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five six

Ive been tidying up lots of images and developing a couple more final images which im actually really enjoying, despite being knackered, and ill. AGAIN.

The Crane wife part 1. Not finished yet.

This is my workspace/entertainment centre/pride and joy.

Though youtube just switched the audio off so its not very entertaining right now…

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I will stop stitching microscopes soon…

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