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Some pictures from our trip to St. Ives last month 🙂









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My 2 desks

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Woods and Water

I keep redoing the tree stitch but it never comes out quite right, i finished this one but now wish I hadn’t cos it looked much better in that hoop^^^ and only half completed. 

^^^Some sea as inspired by Drowning of the Bottom Hundred, I like the water, not so sure about the wall. Despite how complicated this looks it ONLY took a day!

 Bala Lake is another story Ive been looking at. Its about an evil ruler whose valley gets flooded and his castle ends up  at the bottom of the lake. The only good person in the valley is warned by a bird who leads him to safety.

Ive noticed most of the stories seem to be about either floods/storms or farmers/shepherds. Usually they involve a person being rescued or kidnapped by some mythical being. Im picking out the more visually interesting parts to work on.

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blog post 1 of many….

 I saw this patchwork quilt at slimbridge wildlife park last week (cos now i can go out again!!) wish i’d made it.

Also our new project is designing book covers for some HG Wells novels. I’m a bit stuck, but i did get some nice old copies of Kipps and Love & Mr Lewisham.

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