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finally finished

The last portfolio pages ever to printed for assessment which i got done yesterday (and then promptly went to the pub for a celebratory burger and beer). No idea why they look so ridiculously bright here, the printouts aren’t quite as colourful as this…

Some other last minute things I managed to finish are these stitchings:

The top two are book covers (for little a6 sketchbooks) and the third is on a tote bag (which i am not selling,  it took so much longer to make than the others I would have to sell it for probably £50…. plus i like it too much!)

In other news I am desperate to be rid of the many badges I have made so all the listed designs on Etsy and Folksy are now half price (ie, reaallllly cheap!) so please take a look!


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prototype things


It is completely machine sewn by me, it was so satisfying to finish! I wont be selling this particular one because i’m not happy with the inner lining which exposes the hem on the inside so it will fray really easily, something i want to change before they are sellable.

The chair comes from my initial patch for the 1st of February, i’ve got loads of little versions of it and have no idea what to do with them, framed originals perhaps?

This is (will be) a cushion cover, based on another patch from Feb. Im still debating whether white is a good colour for a cushion….. I also want to do more london street signs so i might go on a little trip into central with my camera soon…

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fabric fixing (for dummies)

remember that cut out fabric type i did a while back? it was time to find a way to stick them to my piece without using stitch. I bought some hemming tape in the hope that it would work…..

After carefully cutting the card templates off the back of the type, i placed bits of tape between the two pieces of fabric…

Scrap material that has been dampened under a cold tap goes on top, and is then ironed until it dries….

After a 10 minute wait i peeled the top layer away and luckily it worked! The type is fixed to the background fabric and is all in one piece.

Does anyone know if you can get sheets off this stuff? Would make my life a lot easier…….

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february finished

All the patches are finally done! you can see them all individually here. The next thing which i have been attempting today is machining them together. Tis tedious, but looks pretty cool, thankfully…

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On the 11th I went to London zoo and saw many of these fish (called tang, thankyou Joe).

I used fabric pens on calico to draw out the shape, type, and to work out which details to embroider onto the final patch. This was one of the more complex days, certainly wouldnt be able to keep this up for the entire month!

I have started scanning and uploading each patch so you can see all the finished ones on the stitchcity facebook page!

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more to come…

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Patch 1 and Stuff

So i didnt even make any tryouts, just went straight for patch one, probably not a good idea but then i didnt have a lot to think about really.

This first patch refers to finding a chair in the kitchen of my student flat that had been carried home by a drunken housemate the previous night. Im thinking a lot of the patches will be as irrelevant as this one. Hopefully!

Cutting these out? yeah, not fun, wont be doing it again. Love them though.

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