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Cardiff Art School Degree Show 2014

Some of the highlights from this years degree show at Cardiff School of Art & Design, the last show at Howard Gardens!

Please let me know if you see your work here and I’ll add your name (I didn’t photograph everyones statement!)

Brodie davies

Brodie Davies (Illustration)



Brodie Davies (Illustration)

Charlene walsh

Charlene Walsh (Fine Art)

Florence Jackson

Florence Jackson (Illustration)

Lisa Collingbourne

Lisa Collingbourne (Ceramics)

rosie bowery

Rosie Bowery (Illustration)


Jenna Clarke (Illustration)



Sophie Southgate (Ceramics)


Rosie Parry (Fine Art)


Michelle Ledgerwood (Illustration)

michelle ledgerwood

Michelle Ledgerwood (Illustration)


beth marriott Beth Marriott (Fine Art)


Beth Marriott (Fine Art)


Beth Marriott (Fine Art)


Beth Marriott (Fine Art)


Beth Marriott (Fine Art)


Beth Marriott (Fine Art)

WP_20140608_001 WP_20140608_003 WP_20140608_004 WP_20140608_005 WP_20140608_006 WP_20140608_007 WP_20140608_008 WP_20140608_009 WP_20140608_010   WP_20140608_046  WP_20140608_036

Alice Isaac (Textiles)

Alice Isaac (Textiles)


Megan Lear (Textiles)

Megan Lear (Textiles)

WP_20140608_039 WP_20140608_040


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Darlunio 2014 – Penarth Pavillion’s Contemporary Illustration show!

Some of my work is currently being shown at Penarth Pavillion in the Darlunio Exhibition – a collective Illustration show featuring a variety of contemporary illustrators from around Wales.

I like to focus my work on a particular location and I really wanted to make new pieces for the exhibition so I just had to use Penarth as my inspiration! Given that i’ve lived here for a year now, this was a perfect excuse!


I was really impressed with the work of the other artists in the show, most of whom i wasnt familiar with previously. I dont have room for everyone, but here are a few of my favourite pieces (if you want to see more…. well i guess youll have to come to Penarth!)


Natalie Griffiths



Suzanne Carpenter


Philip Morgan


Sarah Edmonds


Julien Decaudin


Sue Shields


Colin Kersley (Alternative Aethetics)


Matt Joyce


Ian Watson


Chris Harrendence

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Oceans Of Fantasy

Went to see Pete Fowler‘s exhibition in the Millenuim Centre last weekend.


Pete Fowler is one of my all time favourite illustrators. I first saw his work back in high school whilst researching for various little coursework projects. Basically this informed my decision to go into illustration after finishing school, so its a pretty big deal to see a big beautiful exhibition of his work 8 years later! It was completely awesome.

DSCF0722 DSCF0730 DSCF0737DSCF0782 DSCF0742 DSCF0745 DSCF0761  DSCF0772 DSCF0770 DSCF0771 DSCF0774 DSCF0776 DSCF0778 DSCF0777DSCF0780

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Happy 13.

Earlier in December, Jen and I went to London, it was a pretty flying visit, but we did manage to visit a few awesome favourites of mine, including the Natural History Museum…DSCF5060 DSCF5057 And the V & A (pretty much just went around fashion and to the cafe….) DSCF5065 DSCF5066 DSCF5064

We saw The Rasmus in Camden which was… interesting…… also went to the best/oddest pub in London, I cant even remember what it was called but it was somewhere between Camden Town and Belsize Park and was covered in Christmas lights, and the landlord did a truly terrible impression of Morrisey….

We ALSO went to Hackney and bought some fantastic vintage jumpers. And all in less than 48 hours!

My fabulous Xmas haul this year included:

DSCF0001 DSCF0054 DSCF0126 Ok the camera may be the best present ever, unfortunately it doesnt make me any better at photography!

The rest of my time is spent frantically making 18 new cushion covers, ive actually given myself a deadline now so there is no excuse for time wasting! Im currently working on the embroidery for 2 maps of South Kensington which i sketched out ages ago (i guess unintentionally retracing my steps) :


And having shut the shops over Christmas, Ive now reopened, and on Etsy have a special January discount, valid for one month only! Use the code SUPERSHIPPING13 at the checkout to get free shipping on any of these super products and many more:

DSCF5539 DSCF5745 DSCF6159 DSCF5231 DSCF5493

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Degree show

Its been a mental few weeks but finally our show is up and running! After a lot of stressing and hard work it looks great, I am extremely proud to have been a part of it. Our opening night was a success, as you can see it was a full house:

Our shop has done suprisingly well too, we tried our best to make our little corner of the space look pretty, and it has definitely paid off!

If you havent been yet, make sure you head over to P3 (opposite Madame Tussauds) tomorrow or Tuesday, its your last chance!

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So sorry i havent posted for a very long time! We are putting together our end of year show and it has been a bit mental.  I still have much to do. (These are just something extra)

If you happen to be in London on June 9th and fancy looking at some excellent art with a free drink in your hand then head over to Baker St between 6 – 9 and come say hello! (you can also buy prints, postcards and other cool things in our shop which I am currently organising with Miss Isobel Kho)

We also have a rather pretty website here.

If you cant make it on opening night, the gallery (AND SHOP) will be open 11 – 6 everyday from June 10th – 14th, come and see us!

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I wish i had gotten my act together for cyber monday, unfortunately third year work is more important than etsy sales right now, i have started on some new badges for the art sale im doing in a few weeks

what they actually are shall be revealed (as will more info about this art sale business!)

For project work now i’m trying out a kind of patchwork inspired by a traditional style of Japanese textile called Boro, its scrappy patchwork but it looks great…

My next final piece is based on another decemberists song, The Crane Wife. The story is an old Japanese folk tale about a shape shifting crane/lady……….. yes something like that…..

I also got to see Rob Ryans exhibition last week. it was amazing to see his work life size and in person, my crappy phone photo really doesnt do it justice, it was EPIC.

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