Wall Maps

So a couple of these pieces have been getting a lot of attention on Etsy this week – I think thanks to the awesome new homepage feature which allows everyone a personalised homepage showing featured items that are relevant to them! Then I realised I hadnt actually made a blog post about these maps which I finished a few months ago.


South Bank Wall Hanging

I wanted to make something really amazing, without worrying about time constraints which is always a massive issue when selling hand stitched products. I want to make work that is affordable to everyone, but at the same time I have a massive compulsion to hand stitch everything! So I usually compromise by combining hand with machine stitching, painting, applique, or trying to make the pieces as simple as possible (that last one…. never happens!) But for once I just wanted to stitch some maps for the love of it, and so I made these wall hangings. They are a much higher-end product than I would normally spend time on but I just love how they turned out!


South Bank Wall Hanging


South Bank Wall Hanging


Euston Wall Hanging


Euston Wall Hanging


Euston Wall Hanging


Marble Arch Wall Hanging


Marble Arch Wall Hanging


Marble Arch Wall Hanging


Piccadilly Wall Hanging


Piccadilly Wall Hanging


Piccadilly Wall Hanging


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    These are so intricate and lovely! Well done x

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