More time!


Been super busy this month, and as such, not much time for blogging. It’s amazing how working evening shifts plus trying to maintain some kind of social life can really sap away the time, so since i like to use my free shop work days for making (well, frantically stitching!) and in the evenings im either working my other job or seeing lovely mateys or family, its difficult to find time for computer based stuff such as the blog! I’m seriously looking forward to April when I’ll have a lot more time on my hands!

Ive been working on a load more earrings for the shop and im slowly going through the process of photographing them and getting them ready to list:


Ive also been working on pieces for an exhibition over at the lovely Penarth Pavillion, which will be going ahead in May:


I’m really enjoying working with fabric paint so i think ill be doing more of that in the future. Ive taken loads of pictures round Penarth too which has turned into a mini project itself, I’ll probably post them all onto the facebook page eventually.







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