Wales and London In Detail

I started off this week developing two new cushion covers for a commission for Ceredigion Museum in Aberystwyth, the first being my second attempt at an Aber map, I got to use my light box for the first time!

The second was a new design, as the museum wanted a different map of the surrounding area, so I chose Cadair Idris, mainly because thats quite an impressive name, and it looks cool on the map.

I just hope they look good when theyre finished! The Aberystwyth map proved quite popular when I made my first version of it, so next week hopefully I can start a third to go in the shop.

One of the best things about working in a library at an art college is getting to look at lovely books, and borrow! Here is my most recent aquisition:

I know to many people this might not look like much, but anyone who knows me will know how much i LOVE this sort of stuff! After reading this i wish I had developed my uni projects about London so much more, to go around London photographing all the little features, signposts, doors, chimneys and then stitching them? that would have been awesome. 🙂


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