Week 1

Having now left my full time job its time to get on with doing what I’m supposed to be doing, working on getting my business up and running. Which means posting here weekly from now on!

It was my birthday last week, and several things happened. My lovely boyfriend made me an A3 light box out of perspex and an old ikea bookcase, what an absolute legend!

This will prove very handy when I’m stitching from a drawing.

Jen made me a couple of brooches, one dedicated to a Shonen Knife song (J – Punk band we saw in Bogiez the other night) and the other a painting of MY cat in a jumper.

In case you were in any doubt, this looks exactly like my cat, and heres the proof (unfortunately i could get her to model a woolly jumper, or indeed even sit still for 5 seconds while i took a photo!)

We also went to London for the day, which was much needed, i hadnt been there for almost a year!

This week has been spent mostly recovering from a horrible cold, and attempting to convert a room in my parents house into a bit of a studio. This is proving more difficult than i’d expected, as I cant even seem to find a desk thats the right size to fit in there! But i did manage to fit all my supplies and stationary in there, it’s a start i guess…..

Need tape? I have tape.


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    Jennifer said,

    It matches your jumper!

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