fabric fixing (for dummies)

remember that cut out fabric type i did a while back? it was time to find a way to stick them to my piece without using stitch. I bought some hemming tape in the hope that it would work…..

After carefully cutting the card templates off the back of the type, i placed bits of tape between the two pieces of fabric…

Scrap material that has been dampened under a cold tap goes on top, and is then ironed until it dries….

After a 10 minute wait i peeled the top layer away and luckily it worked! The type is fixed to the background fabric and is all in one piece.

Does anyone know if you can get sheets off this stuff? Would make my life a lot easier…….


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  1. 1

    Lyd Design said,

    il ask my mum shed probably know

  2. 2

    ruth said,

    Are you after the bondaweb by the roll? Don’t know where you are based but a shop called Mcculloch and Wallis stock the paper backed and just the webbing in a wide fabric width (central London). Or John Lewis sell it in a narrower style, called wonder under. Best of luck with your search. Ruth

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