^ An embroidered bag i made for my mums birthday.

^New cross stitch bag bit, in the shop soon…

^ and one of many new handmade books…

^ ANOTHER bag, im not sure what to do with this one, the whole thing says “Arbed Y Broch” (Welsh for “Save the Badgers”) This is for the actual summer project i should be working on right now for uni…..

For this project we were asked to create illustrations for an issue (political, social, environmental, etc) that we feel passionate about. Mine is about badger culling. It’s a pretty big issue right now, especially in Wales where plans for a cull of all the badgers in North Pembrokeshire have been called off recently. However badgers are still gassed, snared or shot by farmers on a regular basis, and culling is still considered to be a good prevention of the spread of bovine TB in cattle.

I think it is a terrible solution to the problem. Not only has it been proven that badger culling doesn’t prevent anything, it’s a cruel practice that should have died out decades ago. I am shocked that it is even considered an option in a society in which animal cruelty is a criminal offence. RANT.

There is also this strange perception that badgers are very aggressive and vicious animals, in fact whenever I talk to people about my opposition to the cull it is the first thing they say, as if this somehow makes it acceptable! This is also ridiculous. They are very shy of people but will understandably become aggressive if anyone invades their sets. Well, wouldn’t you be angry if an intruder came into your home?


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    Amy said,

    “badgers are very aggressive and vicious animals”,

    So are some people should we just shoot them too? UGH I know what you mean a terrible thing to do!

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