i thought a post showing the development of an idea might be interesting, here is how i got my latest idea for Love and Mr Lewisham:

First is reading sections of the book, making note of quotes that jump out at me for some reason…


Next is researching any images i can think of from the quote, this one is self explanatory…

I should say this ^^^comes from bloody gorgeous Etsy shop

Next I do some simple drawings that are essentially a plan of what i want to stitch, mostly lines, keeping shading to a minimum because things like that are NOT FUN.

NEXT. Stitching, i tend to pick fabric at random and just see how it looks, i went for something a bit flowery first:

This was kind of a miniature, a practice run before trying something a bit bigger, which is what im working on now…

Im going to see how this one goes before deciding what to do next, might do it in white to go with the microscope… OR failing that, change my idea all together, gah.


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  1. 1

    stitchcity said,

    I like the sketches! And the one on the flowery fabric. Also the typewriter is lovely . We are getting one for the new house to go with the vintage sewing machine

  2. 2

    stitchcity said,

    Paha apparently I am you… but who am I…

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